Article provided by Swimming Australia:

“Swimming Australia has recently joined a number of other National Sports Organisation as a member of the newly formed National Sport Inclusion Alliance (NSIA).

The NSIA was established by the Australian Sport and Recreation Association for Persons with Integration Difficulties (AUSRAPID) to provide a coordinated and cohesive platform to enable NSIA member organisations to increase capacity for inclusion of people who have an intellectual disability.

Melissa Backhouse, General Manager Community Sport and Stakeholder Relations said “Swimming Australia aims to ensure inclusion is part of everything we do, it’s one of our core values. The NSIA will provide a forum for valuable interaction across sports and we hope to not only learn from what others are doing but to also play a leading role.”

The NSIA is governed by a six person Committee. Swimming Australia’s Sport Inclusion and Pathways Coordinator, Michael Woods, is a founding representative on the NSIA committee and says, “Membership of the NSIA furthers Swimming Australia’s commitment to ensuring the sport reflects the diversity of the Australian community.”

As a condition of membership Swimming Australia has articulated key activities it will undertake to achieve greater inclusion of people with intellectual disability.”