The NSIA will achieve its vision and desired outcomes by providing its members:

  • Guidance and support, including information and resources on inclusion in sport.
  • Training and professional development opportunities, including workshops and forums.
  • A unified approach to representation and lobbying for inclusive improvements in sport with key stakeholders.


NSIA members will experience the following benefits:

  • Increased knowledge of the principles of inclusion in sport.
  • Increased confidence to develop an inclusive culture in sport.
  • Enhanced community image.
  • Access to resources about inclusion in sport.
  • Support and guidance to implement strategies for inclusive outcomes.
  • Opportunity to attend NSIA workshops/forums.
  • Be guided by an industry leader on inclusion in sport.
  • Be part of a unified movement on inclusion in sport.
  • Access to the lobby for increased resources and funding.
  • Access to shared examples of best practice and case studies.
  • Increase in diversity and size of membership.
  • Potential to increase number of volunteers.



Organisations will be granted NSIA membership upon demonstration of their commitment to inclusion in line with the following membership process:

  1. NSO informs NSIA of interest in gaining membership.
  2. NSIA and NSO engage in first phase consultation.
  3. NSO reviews “Member Agreement” document and discusses potential ‘Goals for Inclusion.’
  4. NSIA and NSO engage in second phase consultation.
  5. “Member Agreement” document is finalised and signed off by NSO.
  6. NSIA provides NSO with ongoing support as required.
  7. NSO provides evidence of progress and achievements.
  8. Annual membership review.


Goals for Inclusion

Membership requirements include organisations identifying ‘Goals for Inclusion’ for achieving inclusive improvements in sport.  These goals form the basis of the member organisations commitment to the NSIA and are established in collaboration with the NSIA.

The NISA uses the “7 Pillars of Inclusion” as a framework for developing an approach to inclusion. The “7 Pillars of Inclusion” was developed by Play by the Rules ( and is freely available for organisations to use to help identify strengths and weaknesses in their approach to inclusion across all population groups. The 7 Pillars (Access, Attitude, Choice, Partnerships, Communication, Policy and Opportunity) provides an excellent starting point for NSOs to help identify their goals for inclusion of people with an intellectual disability in their sport.



National Sporting Organisations are eligible for NSIA membership.  (Membership is restricted to only NSO’s during 2014.  This may be reviewed for 2015 with the possibility of additional organisations becoming eligible.)


A SNAPSHOT:  Improvements to Membership Criteria and Process, the Journey from June 2013 – December 2013

The National Sport Inclusion Alliance (NSIA) has evolved since its inception in mid-2013.  The purpose here is to provide an overview of how the membership of the NSIA has changed.

June 2013

AUSRAPID received funding from the Office for Sport (Government department) to develop the NSIA.

October 2013

A draft Information Pack and Membership Agreement was developed. The Information Pack and Membership Agreement referred to specific criteria for three levels of membership, reflecting the stage at which prospective members were at in providing inclusive opportunities for people who experience integration difficulties, in particular those with an intellectual disability.

November 2013

The NSIA was officially launched on the 25th of November at the AIS in Canberra.  A forum was held after the official launch and feedback was gathered from the National Sports Organisations in attendance. A number of suggestions for improvement were made which the NSIA Committee considered and subsequently agreed to make the following changes:

  1. Remove the three levels of membership. NSIA members will now be required to identify goals that will enable the organisation to work towards achieving inclusive improvements in sport.  These goals will form the basis of the member organisations commitment to the NSIA for the first 12 months of membership.  Simplifying the criteria will also allow for greater flexibility for member organisations when identifying inclusive goals.
  2. Restrict membership eligibility for year 1 (2013/14).  Eligibility for NSIA membership to be restricted to National Sport Organisations only.

December 2013

The Information Pack and Membership Agreement were updated to reflect these changes.

The revised documents clarified the focus of the NSIA being on people with an intellectual disability.

The updated membership process utilised the concept of Play by the Rules ‘7 Pillars of inclusion.’